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Article: The Easy Environmentally Friendly Swaps You Can Make in 2021

The Easy Environmentally Friendly Swaps You Can Make in 2021

The Easy Environmentally Friendly Swaps You Can Make in 2021

More and more people are becoming aware of the impact of their daily lives on the environment. And we think that’s brilliant!

There are so many small changes that you can make at home to make your life a little bit (or a lot!) more sustainable. 

If you’re thinking of making some eco-friendly changes in your life and home in 2021, we’ve given you some tips in today’s blog, outlining 7 easy environmentally friendly swaps you can make.

Reusable straws

It’s great that the UK fully made the jump from plastic straws to paper straws in October. But, to reduce your waste even further, swapping paper straws for reusable straws (such as steel or bamboo straws) could be a simple but effective way to reduce your impact on the environment.

Reusable cotton buds

Earlier this year, the production of cotton buds made with plastic was banned in the UK. However, the cardboard versions are still disposable and can create a lot of waste.

Buying some reusable cotton buds, such as these from Coopers of Stortford, can really reduce the amount of cotton buds that end up discarded, and they come in a travel case and are wonderful tools for cleaning your ears or touching up your makeup. 

Bamboo bedding

Both luxuriously comfortable and great for the environment, bamboo bedding is a win win.

It takes 8,100 litres of water to grow enough cotton to make just one pair of jeans. However, bamboo sometimes only needs a natural amount of rainwater to create the same amount of fabric.

Bamboo fabric is not only sustainable, it’s antibacterial, antifungal, incredibly comfortable and is breathable, helping you regulate your temperature as you sleep. 

We offer bamboo bedding, including fitted sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases, bedspreads, and more for both adults and children. Plus, we’ve even created Lunesilk, a fabric made of bamboo and silk, the first of its kind. We think Lunesilk is the most luxurious fabric on the planet and it’s 100% natural! 


Soapnut shells are an organic, vegan, and effective alternative to standard laundry detergent. They’re 100% natural and are gentle on your clothes and skin. These biodegradable soapnut shells help you cut down on packaging and harsh chemicals. 

Bamboo toothbrushes

Bamboo toothbrushes still provide you with good oral hygiene, they just reduce the amount of plastic being produced and discarded. You should be able to find bamboo toothbrushes in most mainstream supermarkets and shops but, if you’re struggling, there are lots of bamboo toothbrush retailers online.

Metal water bottles

The number of plastic water bottles that are discarded each year is staggering and, if you drink bottled water, try swapping that for a metal water bottle that you can refill at home or when you’re out. You can find venues that allow you to refill your water bottle free of charge when you’re out and about with the Refill app.

Fabric shopping bags

While reusing plastic shopping bags by bringing your own to the supermarket is great, they’re still going to end up in landfill eventually… and they can be there for a startlingly long time. Most supermarkets now sell fabric shopping bags as well as plastic ones, and investing in one (or a few) is a much more environmentally-friendly alternative. 

We’re dedicated to helping the environment thrive. Browse our website to see our eco-friendly products.

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