A tale five generations in the telling

At Lune Living, we have textiles woven into our DNA. John Robert and Arthur Smith first opened the doors to their Preston mill in 1884. Today, five generations on, we work just a few miles from that first mill. We’re still in the business of fine fabrics and have created a range of sumptuous, sustainable, bamboo bedding and accessories. We want to give you the best possible products and services and believe the founders would be proud of what we've achieved.

 Our commitment to your world

We’re driven to create the very best products we can for your home. But there’s no sense doing that at the expense of our environment. While many people would prefer not to think about the vast resources it can take to produce something so ubiquitous as our bedding, we’ve poured our expertise and our experience into creating unbeatable quality without causing untold damage to the planet. Bamboo is a huge part of that commitment, but it doesn’t end there. Our production processes are fully certified, and our products are tested for harmful substances. Even our packaging is environmentally friendly: we’ll never use single-use plastics – we pop our products in a reusable bamboo fabric bag, while our outer packaging is made from potato starch, a compostable alternative which starts breaking down within a month or two.