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What's Lunesilk

Lunesilk bedding


Eco friendly Luxury

The most luxurious bedding fabric we've ever created, celebrating 180 years of textile heritage.

A unique blend of Silk and Bamboo, two of the softest yarns in the world.

Developed over 20 years, LuneSilk offers a truly unique blend of pure silk and bamboo. It’s not only a world first, but also a delicate and luxurious fabric that redefines the standards of premium bedding: a material that glides over the skin like water, with a feeling that’s lighter than air. Each bed set is cut, stitched and reinforced by hand, by wonderfully skilled craftspeople who wear silk gloves to protect your bedding. Even the buttons are double-stitched for strength and hand-printed for yet another touch of luxury.

Duvet finished with a classic embroidered Oxford border

 "after working on the development of Lunesilk over the last 20 years,  you won’t find our silk-bamboo blend anywhere else in the world – I’ve never seen or felt anything like it, pure luxury" Simon Smith, MD 


·         No more sleep wrinkles or bed hair

·         All natural colour, no dyes used

·         Anti-ageing properties – silk retains moisture essential for maintaining skin’s suppleness

·         Perfect for sensitive skin – less abrasive than cotton.

·         Temperature regulating

·         Naturally hypoallergenic