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Article: Bamboo Bedding - The Perfect Sustainable Gift This Christmas

Lune Living Perfect Sustainable Christmas Gift

Bamboo Bedding - The Perfect Sustainable Gift This Christmas


                                   Whispering White Bamboo Duvet and Pillowcase Set

Christmas is just around the corner now. You are probably making those lists and checking them twice, but if you really want to make it onto the nice list this year, make your gift a kind one for the planet too. 

Why are bamboo gifts a good choice?

We think that bamboo is wonderful! Whether you opt for bamboo clothing and socks, bamboo travel cups, bamboo cutlery and tableware, bamboo stationery or indeed, bamboo bedding - you are sure to please the environmentally conscious folk in your life. Bamboo is an incredibly versatile crop and is actually one of the world's fastest growing grasses - some varieties can shoot up by one metre in one day! Most importantly, bamboo requires very little water to grow and doesn't require the use of harmful pesticides or fertilizers - it often thrives where other plants won't. Bamboo also releases 35% more oxygen into the air compared to other trees of the same size. Since it's a grass, when bamboo is harvested, it is simply cut, leaving the soil in good condition to continue growing. It really is a super plant!

Why gift bamboo bedding?

Who loves a good night's sleep? Everyone, right?!  So our bamboo sheets could be just the ticket to get you to the top of the thank you card list this Christmas. Lune Living bamboo fabric isn't just good for the planet, it's great for you and a good night's rest. Our bamboo sheets are buttery soft, gentle next to your skin, naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial. Because of this, our bamboo bedding is perfect for children and those with sensitive skin and allergies / eczema. Curling up in a Lune Living bamboo duvet set will keep you cosy in the winter months and it's breathable nature will help to keep you fresh and cool when the nights get warmer. We made it on to The Independent's review of bamboo bedding, with ours voted best for a high end feel. Our bamboo bedding is a real bit of every day luxury.

Choose from one of 5 calming, coordinating colours; Angel Delight - a not too sweet and sugary shade of Blush, Winter Grey - the softest Pale Grey hue, Dales Green, the perfect Sage, the classic Whispering White and our latest addition, Buttermere Blue - the dreamiest Inky Navy Blue. We love mixing the colours - my favourite combinations are Buttermere Blue Duvet Set with Whispering White Sheet and Dales Green with Angel Delight.                              

What bamboo gift should I choose?

The Ultimate Gift

The Lune Living Sustainable Bamboo Duvet Set - from £60.

Includes a sumptuous bamboo duvet cover, with fabric tie fastenings, and 2 plain edge pillowcases, in plastic free packaging. Available in single, double, king, super king and emperor sizes. Why not add a fitted sheet to your duvet set order and you will get that sheet for half price! 


The Bamboo Taster Gift

The Oxford Pillowcase Set - £44.

                           Dales Green Sage Green Oxford Pillowcase Pair Set

A pair of ridiculously soft bamboo pillowcases, with oxford embroidered trim. Soft and gentle next to your skin, so smooth they help to reduce sleep creases on your face. The great way to try our luxury bamboo fabric in one of our 5 gorgeous shades.

The Gift For Little Ones

The Bamboo Moses Basket / Cot Bed / Crib Sheet - from £14.

Ok, so this is not just for the kiddies. Great for children's sensitive skin, our silky smooth bamboo kids fitted sheets not only look lovely, but will help to keep the little one's well rested so the big people in their lives can get more sleep too! 

The Stocking Filler

The Bamboo Eyemask - £10.

                                       Angel Delight Sustainable Bamboo Eyemask

Good things can definitely come in small packages and this little bamboo gift won't disappoint. A lightweight bamboo fabric sleep mask which comes in its own little bamboo pouch. Hypoallergenic and antibacterial, our bamboo sleepmask is kind and gentle on your delicate eye area.

Don't fret if you still aren't sure! We offer a 14 night money back guarantee if you change your mind or are not entirely happy with your purchase.              

We also have The Lune Living gift card available in denominations of £25, £50 and £100.

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