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Article: How Bamboo Bedding Can Help You Get A Better Night's Sleep in 2024

How Bamboo Bedding Can Help You Get A Better Night's Sleep in 2024

How Bamboo Bedding Can Help You Get A Better Night's Sleep in 2024

According to a study by the sleep foundation 37% of us slept worse than ever in 2023.
Busy schedules, money worries, screens and smart phones all contribute to us getting a less than ideal sleep.
It not only impacts us the next day but can have a detrimental impact on our long term health too.
Taking time to relax at the end of the day and avoiding our phones before bed can all help but did you know bamboo can help you get a better night’s sleep too.
Bamboo bedding really does come out on top when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. It has many naturally occurring properties that mean for a deeper sleep with less interruptions.

Here’s How...

Bamboo Bedding

It Feels Amazing

Bamboo bedding is ridiculously comfortable. Once you try it, you won’t ever go back to cotton or linen. The fibres in bamboo bedding lay flatter than cotton fibres which results in its signature silky and luxurious feel. Bamboo bedding guarantees a cosy night’s sleep.

Naturally Hypoallergenic

Anyone with eczema or other allergies know how these can disrupt their sleep. Bamboo bedding is naturally hypoallergenic, which means it’s kinder to skin vs other fabrics such as cotton and linen and causes less irritation. A win win for undisrupted sleep.

Temperature Regulating

Whether it’s summer heat, chilly winter nights or feeling the heat of the menopause, temperature plays a huge role in determining the quality of our sleep. Bamboo bedding is naturally insulating and it still allows air to circulate freely. That means that bamboo bedding is a warm yet breathable fabric, which makes it luxurious all year round – cosy in the winter and cool in the

Superior Moisture Absorption

We know it can sometimes get a little sweaty in the bedroom. Hot nights and hormonal changes can mean sometimes we’re prone to sweating more when we’re asleep. That’s where bamboo bedding comes into its own with its natural moisture wicking properties. Bamboo bedding will help to keep you cool and fresh, which means a great night’s sleep all round.

Naturally Antibacterial

Although we might not like to think about it, our beds can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Yet bamboo bedding comes out top here too. Naturally antibacterial bamboo bedding stays fresher for longer, which means not only a good night’s sleep but a positive impact for our overall health too.

Good for the Planet

When it comes to bamboo bedding, that feel good feeling is more than skin deep. We’ved saved the most important reason to last. Bamboo bedding is far superior to traditional cotton when it comes to its sustainability credentials. It is a sustainable crop and uses far less water, far less land and no fertilisers or chemicals in its production. With bamboo bedding, you can sleep easy knowing that you’re doing your bit to make better choices for the planet.
It requires infinitely less land and water to grow it and doesn’t require fertilisers and pesticides.

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