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Article: Is Natural Bedding Better For Sleep?

Is Natural Bedding Better For Sleep?
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Is Natural Bedding Better For Sleep?

We’re now living in a world that is striving more and more for natural and environmentally friendly products. At Lune Living, we think that’s brilliant (although we know there is still a long way to go)!

There are many eco-friendly swaps you can make to help you live more sustainably, and one of them is buying natural bedding instead of synthetic bedding.

While the purpose of creating natural bedding is usually to help protect our planet with environmentally friendly alternatives, we’re often asked if natural bedding is better for your quality of sleep. And the answer is yes. There are a number of sleep benefits that come with using natural bedding and we’re going to outline them in today’s blog post.


Most natural fabrics are hypoallergenic - think bamboo, silk and organic cotton. When something is hypoallergenic, it means that it’s less likely to cause allergies, even for those who have sensitive skin. That means, by choosing naturally hypoallergenic bedding, you’re decreasing the impact of dust mites, mould, and bed bugs that are so commonly found in our beds. The impact of these allergens can be presented as irritated skin, asthma & breathing problems and more.


Those of you who have never tried natural bedding may be really surprised at how soft and comfortable it is in comparison to synthetic bedding. Many types of natural bedding have had no contact with harmful chemicals which makes it really gentle on your skin, plus different types of fabric, such as bamboo and silk, are naturally very soft.

We spent 20 years creating our iconic Lunesilk bedding. This fabric is a stunning combination of silk (40%) and bamboo (60%). Lunesilk is quite possibly the most soft, luxurious fabric available - it feels just like water on your skin. Shop our Lunesilk range.

Temperature regulating

Natural fabrics such as bamboo can help you regulate your temperature as you sleep. So, you’ll find it easier to keep cool in the warmer months and keep warm in the colder months. Of course, staying at a comfortable temperature throughout the night improves sleep, and choosing natural bedding is a great way to achieve that. They can also wick moisture away from your body, so sweating in bed is going to be less of a problem for you.


Plus, you can sleep soundly knowing that your natural bedding is much better for the environment than its synthetic counterparts! Synthetic fabrics can cause big problems for the earth, its creatures, and our communities. By choosing sustainably sourced, natural bedding, you’re hugely reducing the impact your purchase has on the environment.

All of these aspects make natural bedding a much better choice for getting a good night’s sleep.

Lune Living creates high quality bamboo bedding and sleep accessories. Our range includes bamboo fabric & Lunesilk duvet and pillowcase sets, bamboo bedding for babies and children, cushions, blankets & throws, and eye masks. Shop the range. To find out more about bamboo bedding, how to live more sustainably, and more, read our blog.

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